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CLC/prTS EN50607 (SCR Unicable)

Introduction In EN 61319-1:1995 the interfaces for the control and command of the devices associated with the satellite receivers are described in the following clauses: Clause 4: Interfaces requirements for polarizer and polar switchers; Clause 5: Interfaces requirements for low-noise block converters (LNB). In these clauses, analogue techniques are described for controlling the LNB and polar switchers. In , the “Digital Satellite Equipment Control Bus” (called DiSEqC) is introduced as a single method of communication between the satellite and the peripheral equipment, using only the existing coaxial cables. The existing EN 50494 “Satellite signal distribution over a single coaxial cable in single dwelling installati**” describes a system for distributing signals via single coaxial cable issued from different bands and polarizati** to several satellite receivers This specification is limited to 8 units per output of the Single Cable Interface and to 8 Satellite IF banks (bands, feeds, polarisati**). The second generation described in this Technical Specification is intended for single and multiple dwelling installati** and includes the following enhancements compared to EN 50494: The number of demodulators is extended to a maximum of 32 units per output of the Single Cable Interface (hereafter referred to as SCIF) device. The system is scaled for a maximum number of 256 Satellite IF banks (bands, feeds, polarisati**) The SCIF replies, which may be used during installation process, are also based on DiSEqC. Equipment according to this Technical Specification is downwards compatible to the specificati** provided by EN 50494.

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