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SCR single cable system

The single-cable system is used to distribute digital Sat IF signals (including HDTV) and terrestrial signals over one cable to up to eight receivers. There is no limit on the variety of channels, i.e. the complete range of channels from one or two satellites is transmitted. Switching and the transponder selection are undertaken in the feed system or in the matrix and are controlled by the receiver using a special DiSEqCTMcommand set in accordance with EN 50494. Each receiver is allocated a fixed subscriber frequency over which it receives its channels. A twin receiver requires two such subscriber frequencies. The transponder selection and conversion to the subscriber frequencies is undertaken using special tuner modules, so-called SCR (Satellite Channel Router), that are installed in the feed system or in the matrix. The Kathrein single-cable system satisfies the single-cable standard in accordance with EN 50494, i.e. all the components of a single-cable system that satisfy this standard can be installed in a satellite system

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